Bendwood Elementary SPIRAL Program - FAQs

What is SPIRAL?
SBISD’s SPIRAL (Spring Branch Program for Improving Reasoning and Accelerating Learning) classes are held at Bendwood Elementary. 

Who attends SPIRAL?
GT-identified, third, fourth, and fifth grade students travel to Bendwood Campus one day each week for SPIRAL classes. 

What day will my child attend SPIRAL?
Every campus is assigned a day of the week each school year. To find out what day your campus will attend Bendwood for this school year, please contact your counselor.

How will my child get to Bendwood Elementary?
SBISD provides bus transportation to/from the home campus to Bendwood Elementary.

What the SPIRAL program hours at Bendwood Elementary?
Hours are 8:30am-2:00pm.

Where is Bendwood Elementary located?
12750 Kimberley Lane, Houston, TX 77024

How many SPIRAL teachers are at Bendwood Elementary?
Bendwood Elementary will have 9 SPIRAL teachers in the 2019-20 school year. 

What is the SPIRAL curriculum?
Each teacher creates their own curriculum. 

What do SPIRAL classes look like?
Classes are self-contained. Classes are also multi-grade - students from the three grades are spread throughout the classes.

When will we be notified of SPIRAL class assignments?
Parents will be notified of class assignment at the beginning of the school year. Students are assigned classes.

Can my child buy lunch at Bendwood Elementary?
Lunch is provided for FREE due to federal guidelines. The menu selection follows the SBISD Elementary menu.

How is Bendwood Elementary funded?
SBISD provides limited funding to Bendwood Elementary. Curriculum and supplies are largely provided from funds raised by the Bendwood Elementary PTA.