The Bendwood School for the Gifted and Talented and Students of Special Needs exists to serve the unique academic and social and emotional learning necessary to ensure that all students' needs are met at the highest level.


Every Child
We put students at the heart of everything we do.
Every child. Every day. Every minute. Every way. 
What’s Best for the Child Drives the Decision 
Infinite Possibilities Through Education

Collective Greatness
We, as a community, leverage our individual strengths to reach challenging goals.
Surpass Expectations 
Everyone’s Work Matters 
Diversity Makes Us Stronger

Collaborative Spirit
We believe in each other and find joy in our work.
Each of Us is Committed to All of Us 
Together We’re Better
Assume the Best

Limitless Curiosity
We never stop learning and growing. 
Empowered to Innovate 
Tenaciously Embrace Challenges 
Unleashed Potential

Moral Compass
We are guided by strong character, ethics and integrity.
Personal Responsibility 
Kindness and Mutual Respect 


Children First and Foremost; Uniqueness and Diversity; High Expectations; Learning as a Lifelong Process; All Needs of Every Child